Around 1996 thereabout, my family went through a very tough season of life. My Dad went from someone who used to handle millions of Naira (Nigerian currency) worth of construction contracts to someone who struggled to feed his family. My parents were having to even borrow to pay their debts. Life was so hard and every day, we had no idea what would become of us. But I learned one thing from my parents, they never gave up and never showed any signs of pain and horror to their kids. One day, my Dad said we’re going farming. He took all of us including my pregnant mother to a farm in Ibadan called Egbeda, for those familiar with Ibadan in Nigeria. We grew crops on a land that was not ours, not to sell, but for our daily bread. We would plant tomatoes, corn, etc to survive on daily basis. Things were so hard. On a particular day, it was raining heavily and my heavily pregnant mum stumbled and fell with loads on her head. My Dad was miserably sad… She got up… I remember the day she was going to have my sister Gloria, she had to be carried from the same farm on the day of delivery to the mission house where she eventually had the baby. My parents could not afford to pay the fees for the mission house even after delivery. Our pastor then had to bail us out. See, I could go on and on but… why am I sharing this?

In the last couple of weeks, I’ve had about two people message me about how hard life is for them and as a result, they are beginning to contemplate suicide. I managed to speak to them and I see why they are thinking that way. At the moment, life is really very hard and tough for them. For one, it’s getting harder by the day to feed the family. For the other, they’ve tried everything they know and they’re wondering what else is there to try.

Listen, should you be going through a tough situation right now and life is looking like a hard nut to crack; maybe your hardship is so thick that it appears there is no ray of hope anywhere. Hear this, you are only in a season of life. Yes, every point in your life is only a season – a phase. The good news is that seasons don’t last forever. Amen, somebody? In fact, nothing in life lasts forever. Change is constant.

For instance, during winter when the weather turns cold and daylight hours reduce, the sun is hardly seen and smiles tend to disappear. It may look like there is nothing beyond those dark and freezing cold days. Some days, you don’t want to go out. Some days you just want to sleep in and do nothing. Some days it’s like you’re not going to make it to the end of it. Some days the pain seems unbearable and you feel like giving up.

Then, GBAM! Summer shows up! Days suddenly become longer, nights become really short! The sun is visible on the horizon and children are playing in the park. The beaches are calling and everywhere is inviting. The days are brighter and we can’t wait for the next day.

Hear this, your glory days are soon here. Your season is about to change. Don’t quit! Don’t give up! Keep doing all you can to get through each day. Cry if you have to but don’t quit. Wet your pillows every night but don’t kill yourself. You are going to be the one to encourage someone with your story tomorrow. Many destinies are counting on you… You will smile again. I am saying this, not to sweet-talk you but because I am certain this is the case and I am a living testimony.

© Dr Samuel Ekundayo

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