One of the many compliments people often give me is “Oh, you’re so multi-talented”.

I never realise this was a problem until a few years ago when God began to speak to me about it.

Being multi-talented can be a problem if you do not realise the difference between your gifts and calling.

Many people have gifts but because they do not know their calling/purpose, they mortgage their gifts for survival which leads to all forms of stress and frustration.

In the bid to develop all their gifts, they lose track of the ones they should prioritise for the purpose of their calling. As a result, like the “Jack of all trades”, they are eventually master of none! Their many gifts amount to ineffectiveness.

If you are going to be effective in life, you must know your calling so that you can know which specific gifts to FOCUS on!

You must resist the temptation to do everything. You must learn the art of FOCUS! Don’t let your many gifts be a distraction.

A lack of focus is a disservice to you and your life’s purpose. Even if people sing your praise as multi-gifted, multi-talented, you would soon be forgotten.

Hear this, no one ever became successful in life by doing everything!

I always say that you must focus so much on your calling/purpose that when people think of a particular problem they need a solution to, they think of you. And when people think of you, they think of a problem your life solves.

You are a solution, but not to every problem. Focus on and prioritise your interests that are in alignment to the problem you were born to solve and your life will become more effective and meaningful.

Have you read this and your question is: but, how?

Send me a message and I will do my best to help you get some clarity on which of your gifts to focus on.

I believe in you!

– Dr Samuel Ekundayo | The Purpose Preacher

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