Why you are struggling with consistency – Part 1

Why you are struggling with consistency – Part 1


Hear this: You can never be successful at anything you are not consistent in!

If you fail to learn the art of consistency, everyone will appear better than you! People who are not as smart as you will do better than you because they are consistent and you’re not!

One of the questions people ask me all the time is: How do I become consistent?

Some months back, I thought deeply about this question and I looked back into my life, especially those times when I struggled with consistency. I discovered my struggles revolved around one thing.

This one thing is the root cause of all my struggles showing up in different forms. Like a tree rooted to the ground, you can’t see the root but you can see the leaves. Femi did a post on this recently.

The leaves are so distracting that if you do not take time to think deep, you will never trace it to the root. And nothing gets solved until the root cause is discovered.

The iron law of the universe suggests that for every effect in our lives, we can always trace it back to a cause(s). So, I traced all the effects of the lack of consistency in my life to a root cause. It was the lack of FOCUS!

Then, I began to study the subject of focus and I realised it was germane to why I was never consistent with anything. I was keen to know more. I was gathering all the principles possible.

The more I learned, the more I practiced what I learned and my life started to change. Gradually, I started to learn the art of focus which in turn led to consistency. Yes, you heard right, FOCUS is an art! You can learn it.

Like I said earlier on, FOCUS is like the root of a tree, it has many branches, leaves and fruits. As a days go by, I will begin to share with you these branches, and the practical things I did.


Leave me a comment if you’re looking forward to the subsequent parts of this series.

Also feel free to share your thoughts.

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