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Over the years, I’ve had the opportunity to motivate and inspire thousands of people on various stages all over the world and on several online platforms. Whether you’re a corporate organisation, church, conference, business, association or school, I’d love to work together with you for your next event.

Let's work together...

I’ve been speaking for more than 10 years now and I have had the opportunity of engaging various sizes of audience from 5 people in a small room to more than 500 people in a large convention centre.

With my experience, two key values, amongst many others that I can add to your event are...

1. An awesome experience on stage

I have spoken to audiences both large and small in a variety of different settings and contexts. As the engaging speaker that I am, I make use of great and inspiring stories and humour not just to drive home my point but to keep your audience engaged and listening. I can guarantee that they will leave my session with practical, relevant and applicable action points.

2. A stressless and convenient experience off stage

I am aware that as an event planner, there are a lot of details you have to juggle and manage for the success of your event. The speaker should be the least of your worries. Having worked with several event organisers, the usual feedback is that I am one of the easiest speakers to work with.

Speaking Topics

I have spoken and can speak on numerous topics relating to purpose discovery, motivation, entrepreneurship, faith, productivity, high performance and more. I am able to provide keynotes, workshops, and training for audiences of all sizes or settings.

Some of the topics I have spoken on include:

Motivational Keynotes:
- FIRE IN THE BELLY: How to stay passionate on your job
- POWER TO DO MORE: Best productivity technique for the modern day professional
- YOU TOO CAN WORK MIRACLES: Making a difference doing what you love
- BE MORE, GIVE MORE, DO MORE: Keys to peak performance in your profession
- Ultimate guide to starting anything: a guide for passionate entrepreneurs
- The World needs what you have
- Power over your fears
- It is normal to fail, fall or fear
- 5 things you need to know about success
- Why you must find your purpose
- 10 sure ways to maximise your potentials in life, business or relationships
- Redefining yourself

Motivational Workshops:
- One good thing about your problem
- The Power of Realisation
- FIRE IN THE BELLY: How to stay passionate on your job
- Stop Underestimating yourself
- You can rise again
- 10 things to change right now to have the future you want
- How to discover your purpose and live fully
- Raising your expectation: What you expect is what you get
- Your future is not ahead of you
- Do you like you?
- The power of vision
- Goal setting and achieving more

Church sermons:
- Introducing your God to your situations
- A wonder to many
- Out from under
- It does not matter
- Believe and you will see
- Look from where you are...
- Step out of the boat
- ...But the Lord helped me
- And in the morning...
- Borrow not a few: Stop limiting yourself
- I am more than this!
- The sound

I would love to work with you to learn more about your event or organisation towards accomplishing your goals for your event.

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Samuel Ekundayo is an Author, Lecturer, Life-Coach and Motivational Speaker. Often referred to as ‘The Purpose Preacher’, his mandate is to help individuals and organisations discover their purpose so they can maximise their potentials towards a meaningful, impactful and influential life. Samuel is an internationally sought-after speaker and has been privileged to inspire thousands of people at various corporate organisations, independently organised conferences, churches and events in and out of New Zealand.

His book - Arise and Succeed: Becoming the Champion that you are - challenges the modern day definition of success through a collection of personal experiences, godly insights, and unrivalled inspiration. He is also the founder of Motivitality, a weekly motivational video series on social media with the vision of helping men and women maximise their potentials.

For more details on various topics I have spoken on, testimonials and some sample of my talks, visit my website: SamuelEkundayo.com or more specifically to book me, visit: SamuelEkundayo.com/Speaking


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What others are saying about me...

Samuel's talk was really inspiring, it helps me with my work whenever I feel like I'm tired I just remember FIRE IN THE BELLY and that keeps me going. Thank you again for coming to speak to us!

- Tania Tukutama | Anglican Trust for Women and Children

Working with former refugee youth can be tough at times and given their unsettled background they tend to lose motivation at times. This is where Sam came to the rescue. He was kind enough to come along and motivate the youth. They absolutely loved Sam's talk and asked that he should be invited back again. The energy Sam has is incredible, the moment he's in the room that energy rubs on to everyone around. We look forward to having Sam again to help give us a push when we need it.

- Ashleigh Ali-Aziz | Auckland Resettled Community Coalition (ARCC).