Excellence and Passion

Excellence and Passion


I have read over 20books on purpose and still reading.
Two words that always show up whenever purpose is delved into are excellence and passion.

You cannot separate excellence and passion from purpose.

If you are going to fulfil your purpose, become a person of value and ultimately succeed in life, you cannot divorce excellence and severe relationship with passion.

You must be excellent in the use of your gift and be passionate about your delivery of it.

You must be passionate about refining your gift and be excellent on every platform you find yourself.

You must be passionately committed to your purpose and champion it with excellence.

Hear this, people may not value and respect you when they meet you the first time but when you deliver your craft with passion and excellence, they will pay you over and over again!

In 2019, I dare you to commit to EXCELLENCE AND PASSION!

Refuse to deliver your gifts without energy, zest and passion.

Refuse any opportunity you won’t deliver with excellence.

Be your best and give your best at every given opportunity.

Your life and success depend on it.


– Dr Samuel Ekundayo

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