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"Never let your condition limit your vision"

Dr Samuel Ekundayo

Hello there...

My name is Samuel Ekundayo, often referred to as The Purpose Preacher.

I am an Author, Preacher, Teacher, Life Coach and Motivational Speaker. I am also a full time academic with one of New Zealand's foremost higher education institutions. I have a PhD in Business Information Systems from Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand; a Masters of Knowledge Management from Nanyang Technological University, Singapore and a BSc of Engineering Business Management from Coventry University, United Kingdom

I am married to a woman I call my Treasure and we have two handsome boys. I live in Auckland, New Zealand and have been since 2008 when I moved here to Study from Singapore.

You must have clicked on this page to know a little more about me, right? Here you go...

My Story

I have always enjoyed motivating and inspiring people. I was born to be an encourager to my generation and the ones to come and that is why I inspire people on a daily basis.

I was born and raised in Nigeria for the first 20 years of my life. My parents went through several ups and downs in their attempt to give me and my siblings a good life. As a family, we had big dreams but at a point, those dreams seemed impossible because we could not afford them. But that's how dreams are, right? They are meant to be scarily big that you can't afford them.

In the year 2005, my Dad took a leap of faith to step outside of the shores of Nigeria. It was a big move from his comfort zone. He moved to Singapore where he planned to further his studies and ultimately build a new life for us a family. We joined him in 2006. See, from the age of 14, I've had the dream to be a professor. In order for me to achieve this, I knew I was going to have to do a PhD. The problem was, I did not know how that was going to be possible with my family's financial situation at the time and the epileptic state of the Nigerian Higher Education system (with the incessant strikes in the public institutions).

While you would say it was a lucky move to Singapore at a very key age of my life; we still could not afford my dream in Singapore. Education was very expensive for international students. Notwithstanding, I held on to my dream. That same year we moved to Singapore, I secured admission to a higher institution and the fees were around $15,000 that year. My parents could not afford it. We knew no one who could help us. Banks would not give us a loan because we were not citizens of the country. It was like we had come to a halt with regards to my dream.

Out of the blue, someone who only met my Dad a few months before and heard his family had arrived asked after me and my Dad explained the situation with my fees. Long story short, this 'good Samaritan' lady gave my Dad a cheque to pay off the fees. It was not a loan. From that day forward, I began to believe in the power of my dreams and how powerful my will is to my eventual success in life. There are many resources out there looking for dreams to fund!

My Master's degree came, PhD came and while my parents still could not afford them at the time, the fees showed up. I only heard a scholarship in the final year of my PhD. Oh yes, I know you would love to know how those fees were paid.

I look forward to sharing the rest of the story with you and your audience sometime soon.

This is why one of my favourite topics is: The Power of Your Dream!

I have shared my story in Africa, Asia and the Pacific and I have the vision to inspire millions all over the world with my story.

I have packaged bits and pieces of my story in my book 'Arise and Succeed: Becoming the Champion that you are'.

But wait, here's the deal...

If I am able to achieve all that I have, I believe anyone else can. I work hard. Some call it luck but I don't agree. It all boils down to sheer desire, will and hard work to achieve.

I can't wait to share more with you and your audience. And of course, I am available to speak anywhere all over the world.

Want to get in touch?

On Facebook, YouTube and Instagram where I have more 20,000 following, I run a weekly video devotional I refer to as Motivitality.

Connect with me on these social media platforms if you can or simply send me a message here.


What others are saying about me...

An effective public speaking commission, especially faith based is not borne out of mere passion and zeal but a purposeful calling being driven by divine inspiration, motivation, and anointing. Since my first contact till now, Dr. Samuel Moyosore Ekundayo has always demonstrated that he's an ideal and seasoned speaker raised for such a time as this! He's been able to fuse impeccable character, substances, virtues and faith to instill the necessary vitality, passion and drive for positive impact required for sustainable growth of people.

His commitment to influence others for excellence through continuous sharing of his personal experiences and knowledge is highly commendable. Similarly, he's able to deploy his professional skills and abilities to reach out to the world through the ‘Motivitality' sessions, online podcast and host of other speaking engagements

- Olushola Ayanwale

After spending several months trying to decide whether I should leave my well-paying job to start up my own company, I still lacked the courage needed to make a decision even though I knew it was what I wanted and what will make me grow. I was worried about what my colleagues' and friends will think of my decision to quit my job, then I came across one of your Motivitality talks, Mind Your Business where you said: “What other people think of you is none of your business”. This particular talk gave me the final push I needed to ignore what other people will think about me and inspired me to finally submit my resignation the following week.

Your talks reveal some life-changing ideas as well as self-motivating tips that help me stay positive and focused! I love your messages, they are so motivating and I could listen to you speak 24 hours a day. Thank you for sharing them with us!

- Mohammed Nda

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